Friday, May 31, 2013

Hello everyone!

Quick update of Marilla's Manor. I think it is called for since I haven't posted for more than a year!


We still have our trusty four hens! They lay an egg a day and for two people that is a lot of eggs! My neighbors and co-workers sure don't mind it when I start handing out the eggs though. ;)

Our rabbits were sold to another homesteader, just because with our outdoor cats prowling the yard at night we were seeing too many casualties. And how do you discipline a cat? We'll you don't. They would never understand! We are setting up the rabbit pen for our next animal venture which will probably be more chickens....or ducks......or a turkey....hmm...

We have three gardens going,  We have 3 varieties of lettuce growing in our kitchen garden. Our second garden consists of

Bell peppers
Sweet Peppers
Black Eyed Peas

 with more additions to come. They are all coming along beautifully even with the oddly cold weather we have had in Georgia.

Our third garden is consists of

Silver Queen Corn
Pole Beans
Sweet Potatoes

 I am really looking forward to harvest time this year!

My etsy shop is also up and running. It is stocked with some pretty antique finds that I have scouted out. Please take a look  -

Marilla's Manor Etsy Shop

Happy Friday Ya'll!

-  Marilla


  1. Yay - Marilla's back :)

    I love your Etsy Shop. Your photography is great.
    You can get a widget to put you Etsy shop on your blog:

  2. Thank you! And thanks for sending me that link! I put it up immediately :)

  3. I read that duck eggs are super nutritious. You've got some great things in your Etsy!

  4. I just found your blog through some blog hopping-had to check it out because our 18 month old came *this* close to being a Marilla! Hubby liked Amelia a bit better with our last name (he thought Marilla Hillard didn't flow as well- I think it flows nicely!) Still, I love that name. Maybe *next* time, heehee. Can't wait to see where your blog goes! I unintentionally took a couple years off blogging, just starting a new one - I miss being able to look back on what we've done!

  5. Hi Michelle! Thank you for checking out my blog!

    Thank you, my name is definitely a fun one to have! You wouldn't believe how many times the Starbuck's baristas have renamed me though. They can spell it so many different ways its amazing!

    Amelia has always been one of my favorite names. It's very whimsical I think. :)

    It's amazing how you can just step away from a blog and then a whole year goes by! Can't wait to read yours! :)