Tuesday, November 15, 2011

These past couple weeks have been a blur. Work has really kept me from blogging! Some of ya'll know I am a gymnastics coach and you would be amazed at the sheer amount of bad dreams I get in thanks of it. It's been almost every night in which I wake myself up by snapping my fingers and saying "Get in line please!"
 Last night I dreamed I was teaching 3 classes at once and you can imagine the tossing and turning that resulted from that!

Oh well....Our Thanksgiving break is coming up in which I will have the whole week off. I'm already making plans as to what I'm going to cook. Not just for thanksgiving dinner but canned goods for Christmas presents as well.

So far I am planning on making:

Spiced Muscadine Sauce 
(still have a TON of muscadines in the freezer!)

Spiced Muscadine Bread 
(made from the sauce)

Cranberry Marmalade

Apple Sauce 

Apple Butter

It won't be stopping there either. I'll make sure to post pictures. I'm going to fix myself a cup of tea and go to bed...and hopefully....not dream of coaching.


  1. Apple Butter! My favorite! There's a great recipe for Apple Butter in the Felicity (American Girls) Cookbook that my 9 year old has perfected :)

  2. Marilla, what gym are you coaching at? I am looking into becoming a coach. i don't think they're are a lot of people out there more qualified than i am so i cant imagine coaching jobs are being taken up too quickly however i bet there isn't a surplus either. :p

  3. well email me at marillasmanor@yahoo.com and I'll give you some info! :) I'd rather not post it up here for obvious reasons. But yes there is always a gym looking for a good coach. The problem is coaches aren't hard to find but good ones are. lol

  4. Sands: I love Apple butter too! I think I will be using a recipe from www.foodinjars.com :)

  5. Oh M.m.m.my Marilla! You are the best! For all you out there, this is the lucky guy in the pictures. Marilla is truly an amazing individual. I want her blog to take off and be able to be a part of it, showing everyone what we know to encourage others to become self sufficient. A bock-bock here and a bock-cok there, here a bock, there a bock everywhere a bock-bock! Next I'd like to show you how to make a lovely bock beer! I'll be learning i you but I guarnateee, it will be darn tootin!